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Urban Ladder Society (U.L.S.)
All About You

Urban Ladder Society Featuring Malcolm Shepherd
All About You.

Urban Ladder Society a fusion band of blues, hip hop, classic rock, and R&B, affectionately known U.L.S. delivers a fresh take on keeping the blues alive! This single features Jackson Mississippi R&B sensation Malcolm Shepherd.


Henry Stevens

- June 12th 2020 -
DJ Silver Fox
Andrew Chambers aka DJ Silver Fox

My journey started when I was in my teens following my older brother every weekend to the store to purchased records. I soon started to go for myself, which also benefited my brother as he knew the style of music I enjoyed. I was attracted to the sounds of soul music, especially around 70s era. Those that influenced me were the soulful legends Barry White, Bobby Womack, Detroit Spinners, Stevie Wonder, and list goes on. This line up of music was the way of life growing up in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.

In my opinion the standard of the music shifted in the late 80s into the early 90s somewhat when we reached the millennium, I found the music changed from what I was use too. Then in 2008 the journey with Stickam Worldwide, Inc. and through this wonderful U.S.A Live-Stream website, I met so many DJ’s around the world that shared a taste for the soul sounds of the past. I finally adopted the title of DJ Silver Fox thanks to Steven Taylor aka Madsounds and the World of DJ’s for giving me airplay. This platform gave me the opportunity to play my music to millions worldwide and build a bond with other DJ’s worldwide.

I am now after playing on different sites for years, established a platform on Facebook/Andy Chambers aka The Silver Fox, and I would like to extend a special invitation to join my room, experience my groove of the past to the present. I have now started the rotation of Southern Soul with great delight, it’s a new horizon which I am looking forward to exploring, I just wish it could be part of my vinyl collection also, maybe in the near future.

- May 27th 2020 -

Jonte Celebrates Jackie Neal With New Release Nookie Thang / PK Music Group

Jonte' is a New Orleans native who spends a lot of her time working in Memphis Tennessee as well as other cities and countries for BB Kings Clubs. She has one of the most powerful voices in soul music. We are elated to present her and several of the most talented women in the south on our Jackie Neal Celebration. Projected release date 7/7/20

- May 20th 2020 -

Stephanie Luckett
Stephanie Luckett Celebrates Jackie Neal With New Release Right Thing Wrong Woman / PK Music Group

Stephenie Luckett is one of the most skilled female vocalist in Jackson Mississippi if not the most!!! She really delivered one powerful performance on this one! Jackie Neal Celebration 7/7/20

- May 12th 2020 -

Urban Ladder Society (U.L.S.)
Keeping The Blues Alive

Stevie J and the Urban Ladder Society

Urban Ladder Society a fusion band of blues, hip hop, classic rock, and R&B, affectionately known U.L.S. delivers a fresh take on keeping the blues alive. “We have to find a way to bring new fans to the blues, and at the same time raise awareness of its history” said guitarist and side man Henry Roosterman Stevens. Urban Ladder Society has formulated one hell of a genre gumbo, that is pleasing to the ear and antsy to the feet with metamorphic rap lyrics over blues guitar licks and riffs.  Soultry vocals and a Little Rock guitar, mean business in taking the band to next level with Same Ole’ Thang, their looking towards a long-standing career, and look forward to making history as innovators of the Keeping the Blues Alive Movement. The first single is scheduled to release 4/20/20 with an online listening party. Ladies and gentlemen please say it when you play it!!! Urban ladder society same ole thang!

Artist: Urban Ladder Society 
Song: Same Ole’ Thang 
Label: PK Music Group 

- May 12th 2020 -

Stevie J Blues & Vick Allen
Stevie J. Blues & Vick Allen Pays Homage To The Late Little Milton “Walls Don’t Talk” PK Music Group

In a Quarantined session these two talented blues and soul artists team up to produce one of the most powerful duets in soul blues, they give homage to the late great Little Milton!!

Here’s Vick Allen the velvet voice of soul, along with Jus Blues 2019 King of Blues Stevie J Blues “Walls Don’t Talk” on the PK Music Group label.

- May 12th 2020 -


The Golden Lady Of Southern Soul

Vanessa Hairston

For All Your Listening Pleasures Tune In On Facebook @ Vanessa Hairston

- April 16th 2020 -

Rev. John Lee Hooker, Jr.

Blues Artist Rev. John Lee Hooker, Jr. Chronicles Life Of Tribulation To Triumph In New
"TESTIFY" Official Lyric Video

Reverend John Lee Hooker, Jr Releases "Testify" Official Lyric Video Featuring Famed Guitarist Alvon Johnson
Reverend John Lee Hooker, Jr

Sacramento, CA -- Blues and Gospel artist Reverend John Lee Hooker, Jr. is a man who comes from an iconic musical lineage but has established his own eminent career in music. He is a 2X Grammy® Award-nominated singer with a long impressive list of additional Blues music awards, honors, and world tours.

His thriving musical career became overshadowed by his untamed life of drug addictions and imprisonment. Rev. Hooker, Jr. now lives dedicated to Christ and has added the 'good news' to his Blues. He is releasing life-inspiring singles from his forthcoming Gospel album release TESTIFY.

Rev. Hooker, Jr. allows art to imitate life as he shares the path of his turbulent former days to his now triumphant life in ministry. His life is transparently chronicled through his new lyric video and title track "Testify".

"Testify" lyric video features famed guitarist Alvon Johnson and was creatively directed by Fabiane Rico. "Testify" is produced and arranged by Larry D. Batiste (Charlie Wilson, The Dramatics, The Stylistics, Lenny Williams, Michael Bolton).

Watch The "Testify" Lyric Video

His first Gospel radio single "My God Is Holy" is impacting Gospel and Urban AC Radio stations across the country now. Written by Rev. Hooker, Jr. and album producer Larry D. Batiste, "My God Is Holy" also has a companion music video that can be watched and shared on YouTube.

Rev. John Lee Hooker, Jr's. TESTIFY album is available now digitally and will be available on CD March 27 via JohnLeeHookerJr.com.

Follow: @RevJuniorHooker

Media Interviews: Benita Bellamy Kelley - 615-348-7944 / Benita@TheBellamyGroup.com
Gospel Radio Servicing: Norma DeShields 773-418-7999 / normadbrown@gmail.com
Management/Booking: Ron Kramer Company 310-456-8140 / ronkraco@earthlink.net


- March 22nd 2020 -

Ms. Jody
Joanne Vertie Delapaz

An R&B vocalist who puts her own contemporary spin on classic Southern soul, Ms. Jody has become a favorite in blues and soul circles for her often witty songs that speak the truth about life and love. Ms. Jody is the stage name of Joanne Vertie Delapaz, who was born in Chicago, Illinois on November 10, 1957. When Delapaz was two years old, her family moved to Bay Springs, Mississippi, where she still lives today. Her father was a minister, and she grew up on gospel music. Delapaz says she's been singing as far back as she can remember; growing up in the country, she would sing to the birds and animals as a child, and in 1975 she graduated to performing in her dad's church. Delapaz sang church for over two decades, but after the death of her father and the end of her first marriage, she dropped out of music for a while.

In 2004, Delapaz attended a blues show with her brother that was headlined by Denise LaSalle; Delapaz enjoyed the show and went home inspired to give singing R&B a try. After learning the ropes of singing, Delapaz struck up a friendship with the members of a local R&B group called Total Control. The musicians put Delapaz in contact with Morris J. Williams, a songwriter and producer who often worked with the Southern soul label Ecko Records. With Williams' help, Delapaz made her first demo recordings, and then dropped by the Ecko Records offices to give them a copy. The Ecko staff quickly decided Delapaz was just the sort of artist they were looking for, and struck a deal with her.

Adopting the stage name Ms. Jody, her first album, You're My Angel, was released by Ecko in March 2006, and her second, What You Gonna Do When the Rent Is Due?, arrived the following November. Ms. Jody's sexy, streetwise style gained her a following among fans of Southern soul and blues, and she recorded prolifically, releasing ten original albums for Ecko between 2006 and 2016. Ms. Jody also enjoyed a busy schedule as a live performer, playing clubs and festival dates in the South and West, occasionally branching out for gigs in California and the Midwest. In 2017, the hardworking Ms. Jody returned with the album I Got the Feeling, while continuing to play for her fans on a regular basis.

Born Joanne Vertie Delapaz in 1957, aka “Ms Jody” began singing as a young child freely expressing to all. She soon begins singing in her father’s church in Chicago, Illinois back in 1975, where she sings for two decades. Her parents moved to the deep south Bay Springs, Mississippi, when she was 2, where she still live today and after the death of her father and the end of her first marriage, she dropped out of musicJoanne returns to R&B again with joining a local group Total Control and begin performing and getting back into the groove. The members of the group put put in contact with Morris J. Williams, a songwriter and producer who often worked with the Southern Soul label Ecko Records and with that association made her first demo recording. She came into the southern soul after attending a blues concert with her brother featuring the Queen Denise LaSalle and she shifted her style, incorporated the name Ms. Jody and begun her career.

The first album You’re My Angel, was released by Ecko in March 2006

- March 19th 2020 -
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